Swimmin’ This should’ve been posted awhile ago…whoops!!


Well, the 110′ weather is here and we are all trying to beat the heat. Shane has no problem staying cool. Just last week, he finally is swimming!! We have had him in the pool since he was 3 months old in a floater. Our persistence has paid off, because now he loves to go swimming. He usually clings to daddy when in the pool, especially when it comes to leaving the safety of the pool steps. But now he treds water and kicks and paddles from one end of the pool to the other on his own. Daddy stays close like a papa seal to its pup, but now this pup can not get enough of the pool. Unfortunately, he got a bug bite on his leg that looked infected, so the doctor gave us some antibiotics for the first time. His legs is healing just fine; however, he can not go swimming and this is the biggest disappointment that he has ever had to deal with. He will be back in the pool by this weekend, so we are staying strong and finding ways to keep him occupied.

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