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Happy Thanksgiving!! You have meatballs in your underpants!!


We are having a very unusual Thanksgiving this year. Leslie is now vegetarian and I am not sure what she is going to eat; however, we have a ham, turkey and Cornish game hens for some reason. I think I will put the hens back in the freezer. I am looking forward to seeing how the “facon” crumbles taste on whatever side dish they are going on. The reason I do not know is because I volunteered to work today, so I am getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to catch up on my blog…God I love my job and the company I work for.


Shane is a very comical 3 year old. He His newest alterations of childhood songs are the following:

“The itsy bitsy meatball climbed up your underpants”….then he laughs hysterically!! He also likes to call me a giant meatball.  He has quite a caring personality and also has his occasional meltdowns. He repeats himself multiple times like any 3 year old, which has a tendency to drive us bonkers. You can’t be mad for long at him though because he knows when he is bad, he apologizes adamantly and is so cute. He also will promise not to do it again, which lasts for about a day…MAX. He is learning and he is sooo smart. We love him very much and he is already growing up way too fast.  He was a skeleton for Halloween and I will upload some pictures once I am back to my home computer.