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Let’s go Camping!!


Our Shane is quite the little camper!!  We recently took him up to the S. Rim of the Grand Canyon for his first camping trip (5/15/2010). At first, he was crab walking over all of the rocks and then got the hang of  walking over the uneven ground due to rocks, sticks, and other typical camping debree. He was such a happy camper and managed to finally sleep through the night with the temp. at low 40’s high 30’s at night.  The first night Leslie and I had the catalytic heater running  which didn’t even put a dent in the cold. We were freezing because we had the down sleeping bag under us with Shane wrapped up between us in his super-comfy blankets while we had our sub-zero sleeping bags unzipped on top of us. Don’t worry, he was very warm and the only one who actually was able to sleep through the night. We  then realized the next night, that  the the down sleeping bag should go on top…Oh soooo toasty!!! Days were high 60’s low 70’s and we passed our time fishing, loading up the back of my truck with wood and tying downed trees to my tow package and dragging them back to camp.  We also hiked and had fun shooting guns while Shane napped with Becky. We ate like kings and enjoyed tasty beverages with the occasional s’more!! Ever since the trip, Shane has been sleeping throughout the nights…what a relief!! The following weekend ( 5/22/2010) we took him to Lake Pleasant with our babysitter and her kids and spent the day playing in the sand, skipping rocks and manning the BBQ. We are slowly getting Shane adapted to the water and he loves it, but it is still a little to cold for him. So in the meantime, we give him plenty of pool time and I am sure he will be swimming before we know it!! We are getting him ready for the reunion in Montana this summer!! Stay posted for pictures and more exciting info.

Big Daddy J