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Happy Holidays Everybody!!


Well we are all doing great!! As expected, Shane now has 2 bottom teeth and is a serious drooling machine. Now the top two are coming and he is gnawing on everything…except mom thank goodness!! We have finally closed on our new house and will barely have it ready in time for Christmas. Then we will be doing renovating over the next month.  Shane is standing on his own, but not quite walking and has gone from slugging along to full on crawling. He spent his first night elsewhere with Aunt Marnie so we were able to go to the Go Daddy Holiday party at Chase Field…Finally, a dinner alone…we’ll in this case shared with 4000 other employees. Nevertheless, it was the first adult night out we have had and it was a great party. There was fireworks, celebrities( one’s from the 80’s),  delicious food and mingling. We will be posting new pictures of  Shane at our online photo album and emailing the link to everyone.  Leslie, Shane, and I wish you all the best this holiday season and hope the new year is full of prosperity.