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Getting a kick!!


Shane is getting sooo big and is finally sleeping through the entire night!!  He is very eager to start crawling. When I lay him on my belly he grunts as he pushes using the back of the couch, determined to crawl away. He is holding his upper body up and has been kicking 10 fold compared to when he was in Leslie’s belly. We were chuckling the other day because Leslie would touch his left cheek and he would kick his left foot and smile, then she would touch his right cheek and he would kick his right foot. We began saying left, left, left, right left while touching his cheeks and he would march accordingly. When we put him in his baby seat that our friend Jessica got for us, he quite literally will  “peal out”  kicking, swinging and smiling. I am pretty sure he is getting a drum set for his first birthday!! He also loves swimming and he is already winning over the ladies. Leslie and I are so fortunate to have such a strong baby and are predicting that he will be walking by 9 months.  We will keep you posted!!