Guess What….Chicken Butt


Shane is such a jokester these days. He loves saying Guess What…Chicken Butt and Cindy gave us a new version at family reunion this year in Big Sky, MT. Now it it Guess What? Chicken Butt… Guess why? chicken thigh…Gues who? I love you!! He is 4 years old now and we are having so much fun. Soon he will be in school and the next thing we know he will be moving out and off to college. I will be uploading some pics from reunion soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!! You have meatballs in your underpants!!


We are having a very unusual Thanksgiving this year. Leslie is now vegetarian and I am not sure what she is going to eat; however, we have a ham, turkey and Cornish game hens for some reason. I think I will put the hens back in the freezer. I am looking forward to seeing how the “facon” crumbles taste on whatever side dish they are going on. The reason I do not know is because I volunteered to work today, so I am getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to catch up on my blog…God I love my job and the company I work for.


Shane is a very comical 3 year old. He His newest alterations of childhood songs are the following:

“The itsy bitsy meatball climbed up your underpants”….then he laughs hysterically!! He also likes to call me a giant meatball.  He has quite a caring personality and also has his occasional meltdowns. He repeats himself multiple times like any 3 year old, which has a tendency to drive us bonkers. You can’t be mad for long at him though because he knows when he is bad, he apologizes adamantly and is so cute. He also will promise not to do it again, which lasts for about a day…MAX. He is learning and he is sooo smart. We love him very much and he is already growing up way too fast.  He was a skeleton for Halloween and I will upload some pictures once I am back to my home computer.



These are some of the things that keep us laughing. Shane is such a character and always finds a way to keep us entertained. He is now 38″ tall and as cute as cute gets. The terrible 3’s are here, but he makes up for them. Stay posted for more to come!!

  • “Can I watch Nbick Bruner” (nick jr)  He has graduated from Baby TV, to Sprouts and now Nick Jr.
  • “you’re funneeee!!”
  • “I’m a boy, Daddy’s a boy, Mom’s a turtle” (Girl)
  • “Ch’clate Milk” he loves the stuff
  • “Sweet Beans!!” =Sweet dreams
  • “I wuv you too”
  • “Daddy, can I play with the Ipwad?”
  • “what you doing daddy/mommy…what you doing”
  • “You’re silllleeey”
  • He will call me mommy, quickly correcting himself to daddy “maadaddy”
  • “Tank you”
  • “I nweed a pnut butta chclate sandwich pwwweeeeeaassse”

Swimmin’ This should’ve been posted awhile ago…whoops!!


Well, the 110′ weather is here and we are all trying to beat the heat. Shane has no problem staying cool. Just last week, he finally is swimming!! We have had him in the pool since he was 3 months old in a floater. Our persistence has paid off, because now he loves to go swimming. He usually clings to daddy when in the pool, especially when it comes to leaving the safety of the pool steps. But now he treds water and kicks and paddles from one end of the pool to the other on his own. Daddy stays close like a papa seal to its pup, but now this pup can not get enough of the pool. Unfortunately, he got a bug bite on his leg that looked infected, so the doctor gave us some antibiotics for the first time. His legs is healing just fine; however, he can not go swimming and this is the biggest disappointment that he has ever had to deal with. He will be back in the pool by this weekend, so we are staying strong and finding ways to keep him occupied.

Stay Posted for more to come!!


Happy Birthday/Easter Shane


Shane just turned 3 and we had a fantastic birthday for him at the house. Lots of people showed up throughout the day. We had a dinosaur theme and a pinata to boot. The kids played on the swingset and in the sandbox. After all the fun we had Easter Dinner and clean-up was actually a breeze. I like doing it at our house instead of at a park or overpriced “fun park”. Summer is almost here and it is amazing how much fun we have had since Shane was born…3 years ago!! Leslie and I met 7 years ago on Ironic!!

Shane is turning 2 !!!!!


Shane is now copying everything we say, and I do mean everything!!  He even mimics us when we cough, sneeze or yawn.  It is soooo cute!!!  In roughly 3 weeks we will be celebrating Shane’s 2nd Birthday and we can’t wait.  Grandpa Porter will be here visiting from Arkansas and then in a few more weeks Grandma Love will be coming down from Montana.  What a lucky boy to have family that loves him so much.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!!


Shane has officially had his first ice cream cone, and of course, he loves it. We do our best to keep him away from sweets, other than natural sources such as bananas, oranges, kiwis and so on.  People always think he is 3 because he is so tall, but he will not be 2 until April. We are planning a great party for him and I am sure there will be ice cream!! He is becoming quite the artist and is writing all over everything….thank god for chalk!! At 14 months he wrote Crib on the wall, by his crib and also wrote LIVE on the back door. Yes, it is still there!! His vocabulary is starting to form and he is quite the talker. We are going to have quite a social butterfly on our hands. Fathers…hide your daughters!! LOL. We have planted our spring garden and he was out proving he has a green thumb. I can’t wait to see him eat his veggies…fresh from the garden.  Keep posted for more!! icecream1

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another year has passed and we have survived it. The terrible two’s has come early in our house hold, but when Shane is not screaming bloody murder for some cheese, he is busy making us laugh….and wait sometimes him screaming for cheese is hilarious. We are convinced that he in part monkey because of his strong desire for bananas, his ability to jump from a rocking horse to the couch and he climbs me like Mt. Everest. Yes, he eats bananas, cheese and yogurt like it is going out of style. He will be turning 2 soon and we are looking for to all of the amazing things yet to come!!

Yayyy, I Got Mail!!!!


Well, our little guy is starting to talk!! Normally it is just the usual baby gibberish, but he can count to 2 and will continue from e, when we do the abc’s. The most funny thing is that he is starting to repeat us. Leslie and I were joking around doing the “Special Ed” impersonations and the next thing we know, Shane spouts out “I got mail” as clear as day. We both hit the ground in laughter. He is soooo awesome!! He is running and jumping and loves the pool. I bring him to the park as much as possible after work and he loves the swings.  For now, he is keeping us on our toes!!

Stay tuned for more to come!!


Let’s go Camping!!


Our Shane is quite the little camper!!  We recently took him up to the S. Rim of the Grand Canyon for his first camping trip (5/15/2010). At first, he was crab walking over all of the rocks and then got the hang of  walking over the uneven ground due to rocks, sticks, and other typical camping debree. He was such a happy camper and managed to finally sleep through the night with the temp. at low 40’s high 30’s at night.  The first night Leslie and I had the catalytic heater running  which didn’t even put a dent in the cold. We were freezing because we had the down sleeping bag under us with Shane wrapped up between us in his super-comfy blankets while we had our sub-zero sleeping bags unzipped on top of us. Don’t worry, he was very warm and the only one who actually was able to sleep through the night. We  then realized the next night, that  the the down sleeping bag should go on top…Oh soooo toasty!!! Days were high 60’s low 70’s and we passed our time fishing, loading up the back of my truck with wood and tying downed trees to my tow package and dragging them back to camp.  We also hiked and had fun shooting guns while Shane napped with Becky. We ate like kings and enjoyed tasty beverages with the occasional s’more!! Ever since the trip, Shane has been sleeping throughout the nights…what a relief!! The following weekend ( 5/22/2010) we took him to Lake Pleasant with our babysitter and her kids and spent the day playing in the sand, skipping rocks and manning the BBQ. We are slowly getting Shane adapted to the water and he loves it, but it is still a little to cold for him. So in the meantime, we give him plenty of pool time and I am sure he will be swimming before we know it!! We are getting him ready for the reunion in Montana this summer!! Stay posted for pictures and more exciting info.

Big Daddy J